Monday, April 03, 2006

White hot loads scouring the very ground!


The return of The Misfats to its hometown of PDX proper went as well as it should have. Here's proof:

- 4 bands on a Friday night in downtown Portland; we headlined, putting us up on stage around 1:15am. We still had a good-sized, loaded-leaning-to-wasted crowd, and a mosh pit through most songs (that's one more pit than the 3 other bands of the night combined!)

- 2 other shows were seeking to drain our audience reserves at nearby clubs that same night; we still packed the place

- Perhaps the most winning sentiment came from a couple from Santa Cruz, CA. They were visiting and wanted something to do; since we were actually listed ("recommended," thanks, Portland Mercury!) appropriately (more on that in a bit) they came to see us. The female of said couple admitted she was quite skeptical, having been the singer in an all-chick 'fits cover band, The Die Darlings (I think I remember that correctly). She said she had thought, "'The Misfats'? That's gotta be a lame joke!" She then said that, about :20 seconds into "20 Pies," that we, indeed, were the owners of the Misfits tribute world.

Of course, our previous appearance at the Ash St. saloon was also very well received and attended so I had no worries about this show doing the same. And no one, I think, was disappointed. Apparently, tho', Camel cigarettes was supposed to have had some big push behind the show, promising big ads and more, if we would just sign forms stating that we love sucking their proverbial balls. I don't know if any of us did, choosing instead to sign the basic waiver-ish form (and forcing each band to go down to the club prior and physically sign this silly thing). Then, in the local rags, there was pretty much nothing except for a mention with a bunch of other things they were pushing; they even only used the catchline from the poster as the sole advertisement. What an expected load of B.S., huh?

This return also intersected with the completion of the "trifecta" that comprised our NW tour with the might Stay Tuned. They went on 2nd and wowed what I'd term as the "right" people in the crowd. The drunk frat boys at the table next to ours obviously just didn't get it at all which, to me, is an instant sign of credibility for most any band. This was ST's first downtown PDX show and it suited them well (their previous appearance had been with us and The Odditors at Porky's in No'Po'; all credit/respect to Porky's but it's a small, out-of-the-way venue when compared to Ash St.). It was further impressive to see them assemble basically a to-scale reconstruction of a civil war battle in audio gear in record time. I don't even think that soundchick extraordinaire Heather had to lash them too severely. In all sincerity, though, go and see Stay Tuned any and every chance you get. ANY music scene that has extremely talented musicians with an exceptional sense of humor and complete dedication to carrying that out the way Stay Tuned is/does deserves a fanatical throng of obedient followers over ANY other band. You feelin' me, Sea-town?

The first band up on the night was Pillowfight. Good energy and attitude made for a great opener ("A little on the long side, their set was," is how Drunk Yoda explained it to me). I did appreciate their sentiment of being known in the future as, "Pillowfats" instead, tho' I prefer the name "Pillowbite" myself... Good-natured blokes who put on a good show, fo' sho'.

Next up was Stay Tuned. See previous paragraphs/blog entries for the wondrous merriment that is this band. Buy their CD's, too.

Up third was Ronster (or, as Drunk Kaiser Wilhelm put it, "Ronster mit der umlaut"). I didn't get to hear much of their set as I was trying to make time with our several friends that were populating the audience by then; the audience - esp. the chix - seemed to really dig 'em, tho', so that's always good as an opener. "You got that libido worked up into a frothy, fishy fury? Good! Now, behold our corpulence and lust for it, women, girls, whores, and saintly broads!" (You can see why we have only a small handful of female followers, huh?)

Then, we hit the stage. Late, yes, but ready. It had been nearly a month since our last show and we all felt it; BUT - and, like us, this has a big "but" - we didn't show it at all, I think. I got angry at getting so tired so soon and took it out on my voice which, for some weird reason, got stronger as the set progressed. It's usually the opposite and the last 3 songs usually suffer, I'm afraid. But not for this show. Later recollections found that Foil was about to hurl at any minute, exhausted as he was from studying to be a night janitor during the past week, and Dr. C.H.O.A.D. was done about 3 songs into the set; that's only about 4 minutes into the set so you know he was working himself over the remainder of that set. And Baloney? He was just happy as a fat kid with a whole cake getting a handjob from sausage factory worker. He said some things but I couldn't hear 'em.

We jabbered, we joshed, we rocked, and our fat rolled. We even sold some shirts and met some enthusiastic, appreciative folks from the audience, which always just warms my heart more than it probably should. Yeah, we all got home late and lost half of Saturday to recharge our massive rock-cock batteries but at least we have a good reason for sleeping in; what about YOU?!?

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