Thursday, July 14, 2005

:20 seconds over Sabala's

So the last show was weird. Weird in that sense that we were even on the bill for a weekend-long psychobilly show, even weirder that we started the whole thing off, and weirdest of all that we were done playing then went outside into the sunlight (heavily rain-filtered but "daylight" at least). What gives?

'twas the "Rainin' Blood" festivale, a fairly decent mishmash of music, cars, BBQ, and personalities. At least we got free beer, free event shirts, and some good response. That made up for the indifferent 2 dozen folks lingering in the joint at 7pm and lasting until 7:20pm. That was our set. And the assistant stage manager telling us to wrap up in the middle of the obvious last song ("You guys need to wrap it up?" and my reply, "Hey, whaddya know - we are!") and coming on stage and killing our smoke machine. The regular sound guy appreciated us helping out by doing things right like getting on and off in no time and helping get our gear outta the way. This other douchebag is another story altogether, tho'. I like playing Sabala's alot and we chatted up a good many folks in the sidebar (3D drawings covering the walls and a free jukebox with the Cockney Rejects on it). But that situation was a bit tough for any band to play in, much less us.

I called it a good dress rehearsal since everything we're doing now is pointing to the show in SFO.

And I think we're all looking forward to this Saturday's show at Porky's Pub. We always seem to have a good time there and we're busting out the full damn set this time 'round. Maybe it's the lure of cheap booze in Jell-O form, I dunno, but it should be a hoot. Come see it and you can be a "hoot'er".