Wednesday, August 02, 2006

The Returninging

Oh, hi, teens! The Hamzinger here laying some show news on you. I know, I know - it's been awhile since we've graced our local Food Fiends Club (Sammich). Realize, tho', that your true rawk superiors, The Misfats, have been busy basking in the glory of a fabulous East Coast tour. Add the sweltering heat that's finally, thankfully, left us alone (it's God's making the portly suffer - with Nature!) and two wonderful brewfests catering to the engorgement process and you've got some busy, lazy mofos.

But we shall tarry no longer! Behold!:

Sept. 21st, Dante's - Low Dough Show (that means it's only $5!)
w/ The Sex Pistols Experience (apparently really from Engaland) and our good pals The Romanes

Sept. 30th, the Tonic Lounge - with Sons of Calculon!

Oct. 5th, potentially with 800 Octane and The Independents, in PDX

Oct. 6th, potentially in Salem with Sons of Calculon again!

Oct., Halloween, in Seattle, hopefully