Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Ash St., Halloween 2007

Ah, where to begin discussing our return to the stage after six long months without?
Let's just say we practiced twice, have no merch, and had a great time, as usual.

Lots of people turned out in costume for this Sat. show. Our favorites were the street basketball team that kept running into the traffic outside to get in some quality hoops (but, you know, minus the hoops).

We played 2nd on the four-band bill and that's our sweet spot. We're not too tired and folks typically get drawn in by the first band, stay for the 2nd and (hopefully!) 3rd band, then start to trickle out for the 4th. That's the pattern we witnessed at this show, too.

Sunken Chest kicked things off in their rawkin', naughty-cal way, then we got up there. Choosing not to make set lists prior to taking the stage ("choosing" - riiiiight) we played it a bit by ear but felt pretty good about it all. I could tell midway through Diet Diet My Darling that my voice was in good form - something I'd been paranoid about during our previous two practices. I also remembered what Dr CHOAD told me, too: "Lousy practice, great show; great practice, lousy show." Amen to that.

Baloney had his share of candy to throw out, as did CHOAD, who scored a direct hit on the USS Hamzinger with a Ding Dong squarely placed amidships. I only got hit with three others that night so it's good we stick to the softer goodies. The crowd was a fun mix and really seemed to both get into us and to get us. That's nice when that happens, lemme tell ya'. They were even as outraged as us when I announced that, for some inexplicable reason, The Misfats would not be opening for Danzig when he comes through PDX this Sunday. I could give 'em all a hug for that response, really I could.

The rest of the set was fun and longer than we'd anticipated. We really did sound like we hadn't taken any time off, too, and that felt pretty darn good as well. The "Nikki Sixx" from Same Old Situation later told me that he was at the bar, in the far rear of the club, and people were singing along to us even there. Heck, I'm even using the photos on this post from a friend who I'll now call a fan. Everyone seemed to be into both us and having a good time. I ended the set feigning a heart attack (and getting out of the crowd's way to witness CHOAD) but didn't go completely down. An older audience member later scolded me, saying I should have, that they had placed bets on which one of us would drop. I let her know, "Hey, once my tonnage goes down it's damn hard to get it back up again, ya' know?" But it seems like a good idea for the future. Hmmm...
Motley Crue tribute act Same Old Situation followed, nailing their impersonations to a capital "T". Motorbreath followed, sticking primarily to the first four Metallica albums, much to the larger crowd's chagrin. When they launched into Battery, tho', CHOAD and I were right there, punching that one in. Good guys who will not have their enthusiasm drowned out by anything - always a good show with Motorbreath on board, lemme tell ya'.

So, all in all, a good night for a return show. Thanks again to everyone that came or stuck around for us.

(Pix courtesy of The Mighty Cesar)

Friday, October 26, 2007


Just gotta love this pic - from the City Island, NY, show, in June 2006.

See you all this Saturday!

Wednesday, October 24, 2007


That's right, folks - our now-annual Halloween show is taking place on Saturday, Oct. 27th, in lovely downton Portland, at the Ash St. Saloon.

The lineup's changed quite a bit since first we signed on but, at last look, it was listed as such:

Sat Oct 27th
Music at 9:15pm
Monster Mash-Bash ~ Come as your Favorite Monster
Motorbreath - Metallica Tribute Band
Same Ol' Situation - Motely Crue Tribute Band
The Misfats - Misfits Tribute band
Sunken Chest - Pirate Cover Band

That is one heckuva lineup, fatfiends! Come on out and see how rusty we are! See our snobby asses get handed to us when we play our first show since 2007 SxSw! Weep with joy, reek of booze, and revel in our Legacy of Obesity!