Wednesday, October 24, 2007


That's right, folks - our now-annual Halloween show is taking place on Saturday, Oct. 27th, in lovely downton Portland, at the Ash St. Saloon.

The lineup's changed quite a bit since first we signed on but, at last look, it was listed as such:

Sat Oct 27th
Music at 9:15pm
Monster Mash-Bash ~ Come as your Favorite Monster
Motorbreath - Metallica Tribute Band
Same Ol' Situation - Motely Crue Tribute Band
The Misfats - Misfits Tribute band
Sunken Chest - Pirate Cover Band

That is one heckuva lineup, fatfiends! Come on out and see how rusty we are! See our snobby asses get handed to us when we play our first show since 2007 SxSw! Weep with joy, reek of booze, and revel in our Legacy of Obesity!

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