Wednesday, February 14, 2007

SxSw - update!

In case you didn't know, we're playing the mighty SxSw this year (don't ask me how/why, okay? 'cuz I just don't know). They recently posted the list of bands playing there in support of The Misfats, too. Check it out here. Hopefully, soon, they'll post the venues and lineups. Just an FYI, we're playing the main stage at Emo's on Sunday, 18 March.

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Friday, February 09, 2007

Just glad to be here...

This past Wednesday witnessed two great events in a single night: the return of Darkbuster to the comfy confines of PDX and the resurrection of iknowkungfu. Red Flag Warning filled in 'round the edges nicely with splendidly noisy punk, too. Oh, the 'fats played last but, by then, we'd had our fun of the night. We were more like the buddy that drives your car home 'cuz you had too much fun (you hearin' me, Craft?).

In I think Year 2000 'fu played with Darkbuster in Vancouver, WA, in a place that had to be closed for good afterward (I'm not kidding). We had a fabulously drunk evening and remember it fondly. DB went on their way and on to hiatus; 'fu, also, went on their way and on to hiatus (for all intents and purposes). Then, about 15 months ago, DB came through our neck of the woods again, this time in support of the Dropkicks (and Gang Green!). This encounter led to the 'fats crashing into their hometown of Boston (rough night) and playing in Providence, RI, with them, building yet another show of fantastic memory and proportions. We just all seem to jell exceedingly well - must be the booze talkin'.

So pleased were we to have DB come out our way yet again that iknowkungfu decided to reform and join in the festivities with the 'fats. The original show with them on a Friday got swapped out for a Wednesday night gig. Were we worried? Not in the slightest! Well, okay, maybe a little - we wanted this to be a great stop for them on their tour, to spread the infectious love of their music and live shows amongst our fellow natives. But after seeing the sheer number of friends, family, and fans come out and stay out and put it all out there on a school night - well, let's say our fears were obviously unjustified. You don't keep around bands as much fun as DB and 'fu without relying on their crowd-gathering, crowd-pleasing ability. (Sure the 'fats gather a crowd but it's like a group coming over for a look at the fat guy stuck in the booth at McDonald's.)

A new condition did arise, tho', upon arrival at the Ash St. Apparently Danny, DB's drummer, had some "boy-stuff issues" and had to go to the emergency room. Concern over his well being abounded as we sought out potential backup drummers ("Do you know what a drum kit is? No? Okay, get lost"). Thankfully he was alright and showed up a little later.

iknowkungfu started off the evening then and, Sweet Mother of All, were they loud. I don't remember 'em being this loud when I saw 'em so often previously. Maybe that's what a break does for you? In any case and inebriation aside, they brought it fast and furious and fun. DB's Lenny even got up to perform "Liquor" with them and it just felt right. Looking around the crowd, with them on stage, you did a little bit of the Time Warp to four or five years previous. Like old friends you haven't seen in a long time you just pick up immediately where you left off and it feels damn good.

After RFW finished DB got setup. It took 'em a little longer than usual due to the fact that their horn section had flown into town to join their tour that day. How cool is that? So, with sax & trombone ready at the wings, DB just tore into it and didn't relent. The crowd was very enthusiastic in all the ways you want 'em to be. It was nice to dust off the ol' dance moves, too, in only the way seeing DB in action can give you. The crowd called out for more and they gave us one additional; then Lenny apologized all over the place for "daring" to cut into the Misfats set time. He was, like, honestly concerned. And I just kept laughing at the notion. I think that's what makes us work together so well - just honest blokes with no egos getting to play music they love in front of folks that wanna hear it. Makes you feel good, too.

So, late in the day, the 'fats appear. We were pretty tired, for the most part, and it felt kinda laborious. I know my voice had had it for the night and that ain't good. I don't wanna disappoint but there's only so much you can muster when you're pretty drunk and obese, ya' know? Huh - we should write a song about it... All in all, we performed, not our best set but definitely well received by the many kind souls that stuck it out late on a Wednesday for us and the other bands.

Again, this is one of those shows we would've been at much less played it. It's an honor to share the stage with the likes of these bands, a great motivator, and just a freakin' blast to be had by all.

Now I already want DB to come back through so we can do it again. Oh, well.