Friday, October 14, 2005

Fit v. Fat

So we end up more like fat ring-card girls at the bout: in this corner, weighing a slight amount, we've got Jerry Only and his version of the Misfits; and in this corner, weighing even less, we've got Michale Graves. It's basically 8 blocks of canvas between 'em, too - Jerry down at the Hawthorne Theater and Michale at Sabala's. The former's an all-ages racket, the latter a 21+ affair.

Was it chaotic? Hilarious? Awe-inspiring? I kinda doubt it. We had fun, tho', opening again for Graves at the same place we did over a year ago when he brought Gotham Road to town. Apparently there were maybe a dozen at Jerry Only's show that were over 21. This allowed somebody like Robo to hang out in the crowd unnoticed until some of our old asses hit him up for info. There were a fair amount of kids there, tho', but at $20 a ticket I'm not sure how hardcore this is any longer...

On the other hand, at Sabala's, the $8 show on a Sunday night had some takers, at least more than last year. The Untouchables (no, not that band but another one of kids from Jersey who apparently can't Google band names) opened, then us, then locals The Shift, then Graves. I still apologize for not getting the band names right but, hey, at least I mentioned them this time! Trying to do better at that...

Our set went pretty well (MUCH better than when we opened the Rainin' Blood-fest earlier this year) and, at about :30 min., we just hit the highlights. Foil got to play through a better setup than he ever has thanks to Graves' guitarist Jason needing to borrow his cab to complete his setup. The sound was incredible - even tho' we hardly pride ourselves on gear-geekery it was a nice change. MySpace folks came out in force and that's always a good crowd, too. But the highlight of the audience was prolly Dr. CHOAD's momma getting to witness her offspring ripping through a fat-core set. Decent!

Graves finally got on stage and earlier than we'd anticipated which, on a school night, is always good. He did a good mix of his own stuff (off the "Web of Dharma" album which is actually pretty alright) and the stuff he wrote when with the 'fits, both that which was recorded and that which didn't make it. He's got an amazing set of lungs and a good amount of energy. His line, "I'd rather play in front of two people than play with Jerry Only again," was saddening but enabling and good for his crowd. He played a good set but ran out of steam (his own admission) by the end.

I'll say this for the guy: he's gotta good sense of humor, a good work ethic, likes to have fun through his music, and seems pretty much a straight-up guy. I don't know if I could say the same for Jerry and his version of the Misfits but I'd like to find out someday. Robo's thought was that we should've been opening for them but who knows? It's a strange disparity, a grudging tolerance we enjoy being who we are and what we do and, more importantly, the way we do it. Maybe some day...

Eat out,