Tuesday, June 13, 2006


Jeez, louise...

Exhausted and exhilarated, the Misfats have accomplished some mighty works in the past few days, folks, so we're tired and thrilled and want to relay it all to you perfectly. So give us a bit to do that, huh?

For those out o' the loop, the Misfats departed the ample bosom of Portland, OR, for as-big-as-a-tour-gets-for-us travelouge on the east coast last Wednesday and returned this day's previous night (no thanks to United Airlines, btw). We flew into Boston, MA, spent the following day in its safe confines, then headed to Providence, RI, and the Living Room to partake of a Darkbuster-headlined show.

Enjoying and reveling in that chaos, we then hauled ass outta town to get to NYC proper. Or, at least, as proper as City Island lets you be. Dan from Crafty Records holds an annual multi-band BBQ at his place, in the backyard, so we crowded in there with many other folks for lots of memory-inducing pop-punk bands and then us. I'll just say that when you have people crowdsurfing at a backyard bbq on a Saturday afternoon you know you're doing something good. Also finally met Bill from The Shemps that day, the band we seem destined to never play with, no matter what we both try.

Heading into the city (our hotel was on the corner of E 27th & Madison) we then partook of its richness deeply and to the expense of our bowels. Thanks to Jed for helping lead the charge that night, too.

The next day was the Puerto Rican parade day but just north of us so we didn't get trapped by any of it. We did tool around a bit before finally heading over to Hoboken, to play at Maxwell's. Prior to that we'd been invited to another backyard BBQ, just with eating this time. Lots of friendly and enthusiastic folks out that way, too, just like our other stops, putting on a great spread for us and treating us all really, really well. The show was well attended, especially for a Sunday night, with Love Cinema vol. 6 being our direct opener. Enthusiasm was overwhelming yet again and it was the perfect way to end this Left Coast jaunt of ours.

More details will come later as we collectively flesh out each of these days and shows. Again, much, much, much thanks to all the patrons, fans, supporters, well-wishers, band members, and drunkards we came across and talked, laughed, ate, and drank with. You guys are alright, no matter what anyone out here might say. We're gonna be riding this high for quite some time...so we just want to say, "Thank you - good night!"

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