Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Last for the year 2006

We trekked down to Eugene this past Friday and, for the first time, it wasn't raining on us at all. This was our 2nd trip down in as many months and both shows were equally attended, it seems. The crowd at each was enthusiastic, though, and that went a long way to make up for the ample room on the dance floor...

We played at John Henry's again which seems to be a 2nd home for us, now that we've played there 3x. PBArmy, Cap-Gun Suicide, and our fave Turbojugeund band Burt Reynolds Overdrive filled out the rest of the lineup this time 'round. The music was good but hardly anyone seemed to come out. But, again, the few that did were very enthusiastic about us and about the Halloween theme for the night. I'd say about 80% of the patrons were in costume. My fave was the Knight of PBR, impressively fashioning a well-made suit of "armor" out of PBR cases and cans. (Apparently, he's part of a whole crew of beer-themed knights - wish I could've seen 'em all!)

We went on around 12:30am and, thanks to pre-show drinks at Luckey's, a parking lot Sparks, 4 drink tickets a piece, and amicable bartending gals we were nice and well along by the time we got to the stage. I'm told by my bandmates that the mix was great but I couldn't hear a bloody thing - which is alright for me since then I'll sing harder and louder. I'm glad Foil, Baloney, and Dr C.H.O.A.D. could hear themselves and each other, tho'. A nice change from the week prior, fo' sho'. And, in another reversal, the crowd was throwing candy at us! In my between-song-banter, too, I remember looking down and seeing a sucker and a cigarette butt on the floor. I commanded Baloney, "Eat that cigarette butt, you fucking pig!" only to realize immediately and say out loud, "Wow - that's one of my bandmates and best friends and I just called him a fucking pig. Nice!" It was that kind of evening - dirty fun for the whole family. Capping the evening at the bar a very friendly fan told me all about her Irritable Bowel Syndrome. We must bring it outta folks, ya' know? I think that's what C.H.O.A.D. had on the way down to the show, too, thanks to a stop at the Smokin' Swine in Salem - pork fat rules! On that note, tho', we headed back to our dead-hooker hotel and crashed out thoroughly. A nice, easy, pleasant show all 'round.

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