Wednesday, January 02, 2008

Ash St. - 12.29.07

It's always a good time for us at the Ash St. Saloon. This night, tho', we got blown off stage by one of the openers - joyously so.

Sunken Chest got the crowd started off right, pulling in those folks milling about with generic interest and getting 'em involved in the show proper. How can you not like a pirate band that covers "Breakin' the Law?"
Next up was Fist of Dishonor. Can't say enough good things about this band or their show. Amazingly entertaining, diverse, engaging, and captivating. The place was suddenly packed as soon as they began their set with two members up in the soundbooth area, casting a narrative spell over the crowd. We hadn't been able to backline due to the fact that these guys had laid down workout mats all over the stage and, soon into their set, we saw why. Martial arts, fire, acrobatics with a chick shooting a bow & arrow with her feet(!), choreographed fight scenes, and a bamboo pan flute w/ kazoo all combined in proper ninja rawk. We're definitely playing with these folks again. Oh, and they're all incredibly nice and self-deprecating, too, just like their rawk gods, The Misfats. HA!
Shock Troops kicked that energy into high gear, blasting through their Cock Sparrer tribute set and rarely letting off the gas. They had a great pit of fans going that was invaded by a couple drunk steakheads who just wanted to thrash about. They didn't last long against the true of heart, tho', thankfully.
So we took to the stage last and had a very respectable amount of audience remaining - hurray! That's kinda unusual for us when we "headline." And thanks to that crowd for being so into the show and yelling back alot and providing us all with some great energy. We - being fat and lazy - need all the energy we can steal/get.

It always amazes me that we rarely seem to have very many repeat fans in our audiences. Sure, there're some folks that come out to our shows often enough and they're a welcome sight. But it's the new faces, the people who haven't heard of us, locals who don't realize that we, too, are local. I know some local rags here in town don't much care for us but the ads are still out there, someplace, ya' know? Not that I'm knockin' folks - not at all! It's just refreshing to pretty much count on always having new faces out there to laugh at/with/near.

Thanks again to Heather and the Ash St. and everybody's support last Saturday!

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Randy Williams | Bass | Stay Tuned said...

I hear ya on having a new set of faces to laugh with (at) you every time you play. We have a few repeat fans, but generally we're watching new people hit their 'ah ha!' moment when they realize that yes... that was Mr. Rogers and yes, we are going to continue rocking the tv themes.

People always love the show. I meet people all the time who have heard of us. I'm guessing there's only so much tv rock you can take in ... um... every 4 years or so?