Wednesday, April 16, 2008

On stage at Johnny B's:

misfats at johnny b01

And off-stage at Johnny B's:

Baloney now angry at Medford

But Baloney would pay the price for such rage as his car decided to blow a tire on the way down to Chico; thankfully, the Stay Tuned lads were there to assist:

baloney blowout

Monstro's, in Chico; thanks again to the Pyrate Punx:

monstros venue

And the lineup...

monstros lineup

Season of the Witch; we really need to hit them up for makeup tips:

season of the witch at monstros

Some bands tour; we consume!


We even had someone who knew pho-to-graphy at the show. The official review is here but, more importantly, here are the fancy piccies:

monstros proshot 02

And my new fave pic of us:

monstros proshot 01


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