Monday, June 09, 2008

Standing down...

Okay so the rumors of our impending collective end are a wee bit exaggerated. So are the lineups from 2 shows this week that had us on the bill.

The Misfats will not be playing this Thursday at Plan B, opening for The Murder Junkies. This came about due to last-minute scheduling conflicts and couldn't be avoided, for the sake of sanity.

The Misfats will also not be on the bill opening for MDC in Everett, WA, this Saturday. This was due to several factors, not the least of which was the cost of gas, the fact that this was a free-admission show (so no hope of any payment to us), and the fact that we would stick out there like an actual plus-size woman on America's Next Top Bulimic Idiot. While part of me does get a perverse thrill outta pissing off krusty punks I'd rather not have to drive 400 miles r/t with gas over $4 a gallon to do so.

We'll setup a proper send-off show for later and let everybody know in plenty of time. Don't you worry yer fat lil' heads over that.

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